pip install flask-sock


The only configuration option is SOCK_SERVER_OPTIONS. If this option is present in the application instance’s config object, it must be a dictionary with configuration options for the WebSocket server. Notable options include:

  • ping_interval: Send ping packets to clients at the requested interval in seconds. Set to None (the default) to disable ping/pong logic. Enable to prevent disconnections when the line is idle for a certain amount of time, or to detect unresponsive clients and disconnect them. A recommended interval is 25 seconds.

  • max_message_size: The maximum size allowed for a message, in bytes, or None for no limit. The default is None.


app.config['SOCK_SERVER_OPTIONS'] = {'ping_interval': 25}

The complete list of available options is documented in the constructor of the simple_websocket.Server class.


from flask import Flask, render_template
from flask_sock import Sock

app = Flask(__name__)
sock = Sock(app)

def echo(ws):
    while True:
        data = ws.receive()